Vanlig stilte spørsmål


Jeg har smerter rundt visdomstannen min i underkjeven. Må jeg trekke?

Extracting the tooth is the best option, as the cause of the problem is the tooth location, and it will not change over time. Therefore, the cause of the problem is the same and the problem will come again and again. Often worse each time. We recommend extraction of wisdom teeth with problems before patients become 30 years old.

Jeg har vondt. Hva koster det?

An examination costs 590 kr. Then we diagnose you and provide treatment suggestions plus alternatives with a cost estimation.

Jeg har falt og slått meg og skadet tennene. Når bør jeg gå til tannlegen?

Preferably as soon as possible! It is important to get the right diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible!

Jeg har smerter i tennene. Vil det gå over av seg selv eller bør jeg kontakte tannlege?

Pain occurs rarely in healthy teeth. Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong in the tooth. Common causes of pain are: caries, fractures, problems in root canals or wisdom teeth. It is important to consult a dentist for an examination. The common rule is: the earlier you seek a dentist, the sooner we help you and the extent of the damage is minimized.

Hvor ofte bør jeg oppsøke tannlege?

If you have healthy teeth we recommend a dental check once per year. If you have frequent caries issues or disorders that affect the oral cavity, you should consult a dentist often – at least twice per year.

Jeg har en hevelse i munnen. Bør jeg kontakt tannlege?

Swelling can be either painful or asymptomatic. In all cases, we recommend that you contact your dentist. Swelling is a sign of infection – a condition that needs treatment. Swelling occurs for various reasons. In most cases this is due to infected root canals or problematic wisdom teeth.